Preserved Moss

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Preserved Moss

Preserved moss is visually-stunning way of bringing colour and greenery into a space while having zero ongoing costs or misting requiredIt can easily be installed in any existing space or incorporated into your brand-new workspace.

Being a preserved piece, any design can be achieved and once installed will look the same for years to come. 

Preserved moss is a real moss that is dehydrated then rehydrated with glycerin for preservation before colouring is added, so it feels like real moss!  

They come in several different styles and colours, with shades varying from your typical greens to blues or even pink…..We can work with your design or help design the piece to achieve your look within your space. 


Benefits of a Moss Walls include: 

  • No Maintenance required 
  • Can easily accommodate signage 
  • No lighting needed 
  • Great Sound Absorption  
  • No Fading or disintegration 

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