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Living Walls

Living Wall in St. Thomas Ontario

Living walls are a careful arrangement of plants on a wall that instantly add vitality and tranquility to a space. Living walls bridge the gap between plants and art.

Green walls are an efficient way of bringing the outside indoors, creating a talking point, increasing productivity and improving the workplace environment.

Benefits of Green Walls:
  • Space efficient way of bringing greenery to your space
  • Improves wellness and mental state
  • Proven to increase productivity
  • Helps to purify the air
  • Visually changes a space instantly
  • Great natural sound absorption

With a variety of different options available to fit any situation or budget we have you covered. 

Custom Living Walls

The bespoke option can fit any space so you can let your imagination run free. With many different system options available to you we can work with your design or help design your wall with you to achieve your goal, look and budget.  

We also offer maintenance packages for our new installations and existing living walls, with many years of experience in different systems and restoring older walls to their former glory. Lifetime replacement warranty included. Check out Plant Care for more information. 

Framed Living Walls

These can be thought of as living walls that hang on the wall like a piece of art. They have the benefit of being small and portable while maintaining the vitality and aesthetic of a traditional living wall. The frame adds to the elegance of these popular pieces.

Our team not only has the expertise in installation and maintenance of framed living walls but also the interior design skill to advise on optimal placement based on the colour, texture and lighting of your space.

We use the Versa Wall system from one of the leading manufacturers of living wall systems, Gsky, to create this piece. Your two options are:

  • Eldorado – 48” x 44” x 8” – 72 4” Plants 
  • Elgin – 30” x 82” x 8” – 80 4” Plants 

Portable Living Wall Units

Living wall Cabinet

These are portable living walls within a beautifully-finished cabinet-like body that can be placed on the ground anywhere in your office. These have the benefit of being slightly larger than framed living walls but maintaining portability.

In conjunction with a local manufacturer, Cabinet Solutions, we have a frame made in Brantford to perfectly show off your living wall. 

  • Colours – Black, White and Natural Oak
  • Size – 42” x 81”x 16” – 96 4” plants 

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