Benefits of Plants

Numerous studies have shown the benefits of live indoor plants. They purify air quality, reduce stress and absenteeism in the office, improve employee creativity and productivity, and save on energy costs. Let us cultivate an interior garden that will transform your office. Learn more.


Living Walls

Living walls or green walls are becoming popular and provide a unique background to an indoor environment or office design. They are vertical gardens attached to the exterior or interior walls. They differ from green façades (e.g. ivy walls) in that the plants’ root in a support structure fastened to the wall itself. Learn More.


Outdoor and Seasonal Planters

As well as indoor plants, we also create outdoor planters to soften and bring colour to patio, terrace and balcony areas. We plant these with spring and fall flowering plants, and we also supply seasonal Christmas arrangements that remain attractive well into the winter.


Plant Maintenance

Once placed on your premises, the plants we supply are maintained by our trained technicians who do everything required to keep them thriving, vibrant and, most importantly, alive. Our philosophy is that well-maintained indoor, living plants are a reflection of a well-maintained office environment.


Interior Plant Design

Working in partnership with our clients, we design and maintain attractive and modern indoor environments using living and thriving plants. We are well connected to the Florida foliage industry from which we source an amazing variety of beautiful and vibrant plants. We also supply a wide selection of decorative containers to give you more interior design ideas.



Urban Green’s live plant care programs are designed to transform your office into a more productive, attractive and healthy environment. We specialize in servicing commercial and industrial workplaces, hospitality and residential facilities, shopping centres and car showrooms.

About Us

Urban Green was started by Bob Tigchelaar, in the mid 70's in association with Ben Veldhuis, a Dundas area greenhouse grower and early importer of many tropical plant varieties. Ben had a major influence on the growing use of live plants in indoor workplace environments, supplying clients throughout Ontario with plant stock. Ben also specialized in importing and displaying an amazing assortment of cactus plants - from which the annual Dundas Cactus Festival was named.

In late 1980, Bob turned the sole proprietorship of the business over to his son, Peter, who began to operate it under the name of Urban Green. From the beginning, the idea has been a simple one: to supply quality interior foliage plants, primarily to workplace environments, and to deliver a viable and consistent service of care for them. Over time, the business began to evolve from simply being plant maintenance to what we like to think of as "Plant Care." In that word Care is the seed of a very important Bigger Idea behind cultivating the growth of live plants in the workplace.

Peter and the team now service the greater Hamilton area and London, Ontario.

Our Work

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We service Hamilton to Oakville and London areas.